When setting up an Account through SITEBIN, you will be asked to provide personal information for identification purposes, such as a user name, email address, etc.

Some of the features and services offered on SITEBIN require personal information to be provided as a condition for use. These features and services include access to user sections of the Website, participation in contests, and the ability to fully access the Website. You may choose not to provide personally identifiable information, but by doing this, you fully understand that this may lead to a lower level of functionality of the Website for you. It may also lead to the inability to allow you to use certain features and services of SITEBIN.

Cookies, clear GIFs, and other technology to track visitor information, such as how and when visitor use the Website, may also be used. Cookies make it easier for users of the Internet and Websites by saving passwords and other preferences for you, and they identify the IP address of the computer you are using. In addition, cookies help the developers and owners of the Website by showing what areas of the site are the most popular and which are not which assists in making improvements for the users when they visit the Website. If you do not want this information stored for you, you can set you Internet browser to reject cookies. Cookies are not required to visit SITEBIN, however, some functionality may be lost unless you enable cookies on your browser.


Your personally identifiable information which you provide to SITEBIN will not be sold or rented to anyone.

Your personally identifiable information will be made available to the owners of SITEBIN and other companies if and only if: (1) you have given permission for this information to be shared; (2) the information being shared is necessary to provide the service or information that you have requested; (3) in response to any legal requests(s); (4) it has been determined that you violated any of the Website Terms of Service, usage guidelines, or rules for specific services; or (5) for identification purposes as defined in the Terms of Service. Unless notified to the contrary of the above statement at the time of collection, any and all companies or entities which we provide your information to will be limited to using that information for the sole purpose of providing you with the service or information which you have requested.

In addition, users who create an account on SITEBIN, the Website, may receive a “Welcome” email, containing important account information, “Service Announcements” emails, containing important messages concerning site maintenance which could affect the site service and temporary site or system outages, and “Account Announcements” emails, concerning new challenge requests, challenge acceptances, new friend requests, friend acceptances, prize information, etc.

In order for SITEBIN to provide the information and services that you have requested, your information may be transferred or stored on computer equipment and/or offices located outside of the United States, which by this privacy statement, deems that you are consenting.


SITEBIN may contain links or pathways to other websites owned and operated by third parties not associated with SITEBIN. The information protection and practices of these third party Websites are not covered by this Policy. Privacy policies of third party websites have no affiliation to SITEBIN and hence, SITEBIN is not responsible for the privacy policies on these third party Websites. We strongly encourage you to review and understand the privacy policies of any and all third party Websites before providing any personal information to them. To learn the type of information these third party Websites collect, you should contact the Websites directly.


Personally identifiable information is important to protect, and as such, SITEBIN has taken reasonable steps to manage the privacy of SITEBIN's users. However, due to the nature of the Internet and the information Internet users provide, the complete security of information disclosed online cannot be guaranteed.


By opting to receive email from SITEBIN you are electing to receive by electronic mail, information and/or offers pertaining to the Website, your account, promotions, products, or other pertinent information or services which SITEBIN manages.

If you decide to opt out of such email communications, or change or correct any previously provided information we maintain, you may do this at anytime by providing those directions to us through our “contact us” section below and we will make these changes ASAP.

Please keep in mind, to protect your security, and the security of all SITEBIN users, we may ask you to provide identifying information upon such request as indicated above. This information may include, username, email address, etc. in order for us to confirm your identity. Additionally, access to personally identifiable information being requested may be limited or denied providing that such access would be unreasonably burdensome, circumstantially expensive, or not permitted by law.


At any time, this Privacy Policy may be updated. If and when this Privacy Policy is updated, the “last updated” date in the Privacy Policy will also be updated to indicate changes made. By the continued use of this Website after a new or updated Privacy Policy has been posted, you consent to the use of your personal information in accordance with the new policy. If this Privacy Policy is materially expanded regarding the sharing and/or use of your information in a way not disclosed in this Privacy Policy, opt-in consent will be collected at the time of the updates.


SITEBIN is committed to ensuring the integrity of the gaming experience provided on the Website. As such, SITEBIN is committed in efforts to identify and eradicate unfair gaming practices and cheating. Notwithstanding any other term of the Terms of Service, or any provision of the applicable Privacy Policy, by participating in the game on the Website, you expressly acknowledge and agree that SITEBIN at all times reserves the right at its sole discretion to examine and report any case of assumed cheating and take appropriate legal actions. Any indicator assessed by SITEBIN to be indicative of cheating shall reported. SITEBIN will use reasonable commercial measures to protect contractual non-disclosure provisions for any information being provided to regulatory bodies pursuant to this provision, and all information and/or documentation shall be destroyed by regulatory bodies when it is no longer relevant to any ongoing investigations or disciplinary actions.