Why You Should Learn to Cook

1. Better for Your Health

Some people believe that eating healthy means you have to sacrifice eating food that tastes good. However, this isn’t the case if you simply learn how to cook properly. You can learn to cook meals that can satisfy your taste buds, without sacrificing your general health. This allows you to provide healthy food not only for yourself, but for those around you too.

2. Impress Family and Friends

A classic way of being able to impress, or treat your partner to something special, is to cook them a meal that would be worthy of consideration at a top restaurant. In most cases coming up with such a high quality meal requires the motivation to prepare it, rather than having the ability to do so. Showing your partner that you have learned to cook for them will get you some big brownie points.

3. Be Creative

Cooking allows you to express your creative side. There are an unlimited number of combinations in which food can be cooked and combined to form a meal. Recipes are not set in stone, they are there to provide a starting point. You can then induce your own creative spin on the recipes.

4. Gain Life Skills

By having the ability to cook you will not depend on other people to cook you a great meal. For example, if you typically depend on your partner for a meal, then what will you do when they need to leave on a business trip for a week? If you learn how to cook, then you can cook your favorite meals at the time of your choosing.

5. Save Money

Going to restaurants to eat great food is nice, but the costs can become huge when over-indulging. By learning how to cook, you can eat great food without needing to spend a lot of money going to restaurants. Furthermore, you have control over the quality of the food. At a restaurant paying top dollar does not ensure high quality food every single time.

6. Host Dinner Parties

When you learn to cook you can show off your skills via dinner parties. Entraining your friends with great food will provide a social atmosphere that’s going to get your friends coming back again and again. Dinner parties are quite cheap to prepare when the menu is chose carefully. Fortunately, if you learn to cook properly the number of meal options you can come up with will be vast.

7. Lose Weight

Whilst trying to lose weight the hardest thing is avoiding those high calorie foods that taste nice. Or, it might be the case that you don’t know how to cook food that promotes weight loss. Therefore, by learning to cook you will have access to meals that will allow you to lose weight.

8. More Convenient

Meals can be prepared in large batches, which means for the days ahead you will not need to worry about food preparation. For example, you can prepare a large pot of stew one day, and lots of stir fry the next. Consequently, in the coming days all you will need to do is reheat the food that has already been cooked. This is far cheaper and more convenient than going to a restaurant or ordering pizza for delivery.

9. Enjoy Life

Learning to cook might be more than simply providing yourself with food to eat. It could spark a new lifelong passion that will add a lot of value to your life. Learning about different types of foods via books, the internet and cooking shows might be just as worthwhile for you as eating the food itself.

10. It's Therapeutic

Some find that the process of cooking can reduce stress, and actually be therapeutic. That’s because it can take you mind of the things in your life that are causing stress. Instead you will be concentrating on the task at hand, which is to cook the food so that it tastes as good as can be.