Reasons Why You Should Get A Dog

1. Great for taking walks

Without a dog there might be no reason to go out for a walk on a daily basis. However, a dog needs to be walked every single day, and more than cone a day. This will get you into the habit of going for walks. This is a good habit to have as it will increase the amount of exercise you are doing per week. Also it gives you an opportunity meet other people in the neighborhood who might also be walking their dogs on a regular basis.

2. Keeps you company

If you live alone then a dog can be a perfect companion to avoid feeling lonely. Most dogs are enthusiastic about seeing their owners after being only 5 minutes apart. You can play with them for most of the day, and they won't get bored. There is a reason that dogs are referred to as "a man's best friend"

3. Improves Immune System Of Babies

A dog will spread dirt and bacteria, which common sense would say it's a bad thing for babies. However, by coming into contact with bacteria it will give their immune systems an opportunity to learn how to deal with them at an early age. The result will be a stronger immune system that is more equipped to deal with germs and bacteria.

4. Provides Energy

Most dogs are energetic creatures – the mere sight of a ball can get their tails frantically wagging whilst they are waiting for it to be thrown. Then, every time you come home from work you'll be greeted by a dog that might run circles around simply because it's happy to see you. A dog can bring a home to life just because of how energetic they are - this makes it a more interesting place to live.

5. Makes You Feel Happier

As reported by WebMD a dog can improve your mood by simply being around them, and it only takes 15 minutes for this positive mood swing to kick in. It has been proven that the pleasure chemical dopamine, will get released in your brain whilst spending time with your dog. Since most dogs love spending time with their owners it's a win-win situation.

6. Keep Your Home Safe

By keeping your dog in the garden the chances of a burglar breaking into your home will be dramatically reduced. Most burglars will simply skip your home as a potentially target once they realize you have a dog. That's because a dog can be a loud barking alarm system that a burglar just has no solution for.

7. Able To Detect Diseases

This might sound strange, but dogs can actually detect cancer. They do this by smelling the cancer inducing particles, and have been known to lick moles or lumps that induce cancer. Therefore, a dog could potentially save your life by acting as an early cancer detection system.

8. Helps Teach Kids Responsibility

Having a dog that your child is charged with the responsibility of looking after can teach them a lot of life-lessons. Making sure that they are walked, fed and washed will make your children more responsible human beings.

9. Reduce Boredom

Do you ever get bored at home with nothing to do? Well a dog can help you with that by simply being around. They are almost always ready to play if the owners is willing, or you can take the dog to the park for a game of catch.

10. Make You Laugh

Dogs can do some funny or stupid things sometimes, which will get you bursting out with laughter. It can happen when you least expect it, which is part of the fun.